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Condo Insurance

Condo Insurance in Florida

Whether you own a small inland unit or a luxurious ocean-front penthouse in Florida, your condominium needs insurance protection like any other home.  Radiant Insurance agents know the Florida condo insurance market and the best options for protecting your home and valuable assets.  Most—but not all—homeowner associations maintain a master policy that covers the exterior building, walkways and common grounds.  Individual unit owners typically only need a policy that insures personal interests like interior walls, flooring, cabinets, appliances, personal property and personal liability.

New owners will need to confirm the details of their needs for insurance coverage so their Radiant agent can suggest the most appropriate policy.  If the overall condominium structure is not covered under a master policy, a traditional homeowners insurance policy would be required.  Very often, proof of insurance is required at the time of purchase because condo policies also protect other unit owners in the event of fire, flood or other catastrophe.  Most condo insurance policies also include a liability clause protecting the unit owner from a lawsuit or claim filed by someone who is injured while inside the condo or whose property was damaged while on the premises.

Radiant provides comprehensive condo policies with coverage that includes:

    • Maximum limits of $1 million on the dwelling and $1 million on contents
    • Condo Unit Owners Special Coverage A (covering perils not included on the basic policy form)
    • Property and liability coverage when renting your unit
    • Additional $2,000 loss assessment with increased limits up to $5,000
    • No prior insurance review


Additional coverage options include:

    • Increased hurricane deductibles
    • Replacement cost coverage on dwelling/contents
    • Animal liability coverage