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Homeowners Insurance in Florida

When you work with Radiant Insurance Agency  you receive  counsel from a knowledgeable, experienced professional who understands the Florida insurance market and risk management.  Our agent will help you craft the ideal policy for your home, your possessions, and your property—taking into consideration such factors as size and age of residence, location, contents, and other variables that affect policy type, coverage and cost. Based on a thorough understanding of your desired coverage and how each policy works, Radiant will help you make the smartest, most affordable choices for your situation.

Radiant Insurance Agency offers Florida homeowners policies backed by unrivaled financial strength from some of Florida’s most respected insurers. The Homeowners Broad Form provides property and liability coverage for home values from $100,000 to $2 million, addressing every fundamental peril while allowing for coverage tailored around your unique needs.

One of the most popular choices is our exclusive Spartan Enhanced Coverage package, adding up to five times more protection than offered by basic policies on highly valued items including business property on or off the premises—even credit cards. The Spartan package goes above and beyond to cover special situations like refrigerated property as well as personal liability and identity fraud expenses.

Radiant can provide a number of other additional or specialized endorsements including:

    • Extended replacement cost (125%)
    • All-risk contents replacement cost
    • Loss assessment increase
    • Increased special personal property limits
    • Animal liability
    • Backed-up water/sewage
    • Optional sinkhole coverage