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Scheduled Property

Scheduled Property Provides Floridians With Extra Coverage

Many Florida home and property owners discover that standard policy limits do not adequately cover their valuables.  That’s where the personalized attention and expert guidance available through Radiant Insurance Agency makes such a critical difference.  Glance over a few of the flexible options that are available to meet specific needs:

    • Broader coverage, higher limits, no deductible
    • Lost or stolen items coverage (sometimes referred to as “mysterious disappearance”)
    • Newly acquired items coverage (automatic protection for up to 90 days according to your current schedule)
    • Blanket coverage on jewelry without the need to schedule each piece (maximum of $350,000 with per-item limit of $50,000)
    • Itemized coverage that schedules all valuables at an agreed-upon value determined before the policy’s inception


Products from Radiant Insurance are intentionally designed for tailored coverage, so you can rest assured that every valued asset and cherished possession is well protected.  You can place your trust in Radiant.